Sunday, August 26, 2007

Progress Update

Hi all,

I guess i haven't checked in for a while (not since i took my old blog off line really), so i figured that today was a good day to start updating this blog again. I'm not sure whether i prefer this blogger thing to Wordpress, so I'Il see how things go.

Bullet Candy will shortly be available for Linux (in fact there is a demo in the forum for users to test), once I get the joystick issues resolved. I haven't had too many crash reports yet so hopefully things will go smoothly. Also I'll be updating the Mac and Windows versions of the game and demos to keep them in line with the Linux version.

New developments in the pipeline include a new take on arena shooters, which will be throwing a few new elements into the mix. Whilst this isn't an update to Bullet Candy as such, i definitely want to expand the game some.

Also, as a side project with some rather puerile friends and family, we've been working on Space Phallus. It's a pretty simple affair, which uses 8-bit themed graphics and sound. The premise of the game is to save the galaxy from the marauding space penises that are threatening to destroy it. This one is coming along quite quickly (is that a pun?) so should see release in the coming months. I'll try to post some pics and maybe a video soon.


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