Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Space Phallus Update

Well, I've pretty much got the first of the levels finished, Ive just got to finish some graphics and I'm on to the next level, which will be a little like Asteroids, only with testicles and stuff. Sacks, you know. The levels will each have two ways of playing them, one is reaching a set points goal that unlocks the next level, the second is a score attack style mode. So basically you can 'complete' the game, but still not have finished it. I'll be having online hi-scores for the score attack modes, so we can all see who the best players are.

Once Ive got some graphics in place I'll start posting some pictures. If you can't wait however, I'm sure the internet can provide some pretty crudely drawn pictures of genitals to tide you over. Here is one now for example: 8====>

In other news, the power supply in my Linux box has gone poof, so Linux users will have to wait slightly longer to get  Bullet Candy on their systems. Sorry :(


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